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Robo Warrior Workshops

School Holidays Robo Warrior Techcamp

Take part in this exciting Robo Warrior holiday workshop. In pairs you will build a Lego mindstorms robot to battle other Lego Robots in the battle Arena. This will be a knock out event with prizes, and there can be only one winner! Will you be crowned the Robo Warrior?


What happens at the Robo Warrior Workshops?

In pairs Kids will spend time designing and building their own Robo Warrior Lego robots. They will then spend time testing and troubleshooting their Robot build in the test arenas to ensure they work correctly before deploying their robot creation to the battle arena for a no holds barred, winner stays on, knock out competition.

Do I need to have done any Lego Robotics before to attend? No, however you may want to also try our Beginners intro to Lego Mindstorms EV3 workshop.

This program is suitable for kids 8 – 12 with or without Lego Robotics experience.

For more information please call Techcamp on (03) 8692 7213 or email.